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Monday, January 27, 2020

City of CarbondaleLocal Liquor Control Commission and City Council met September 10

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Nov 9, 2019


City of CarbondaleLocal Liquor Control Commission and City Council met Sept. 10.

Here is the minutes provided by the commission and the council:

Council Members present

Councilman Tom Grant, Councilwoman Carolin Harvey, Councilman Adam Loos, Councilwoman Jessica Bradshaw, Councilman Jeff Doherty, Councilman Lee Fronabarger, and Mayor John M Henry

A Local Liquor Control Commission Meeting immediately preceded this Council meeting.

Meeting called to order at 6:23 PM

5. Preliminaries to the City Council Meeting Procedural: 5.1 Roll Call

Procedural: 5.2 Citizens' Comments and Questions

Representatives from Carbondale Spring each spoke on specific goals of the organization. Clare Killman announced that members would provide an update on their activities and that they are requesting their inclusion in the budgeting process; Nick Smaligo presented an alternate police department budget and staffing plan; Dan (no last name) presented information regarding crisis intervention care workers; Chuck Paprocki presented information regarding the food economy project; Beau Henson presented information on a cooperative business initiative; Brent Ritzel provided information regarding Solar Energy; Robin Reed noted the conclusion of their presentation and reiterated a request to include their organization in the budgeting process.

Curt Wilson spoke in support of Carbondale Spring.

Ginger Rye from the Women for Change announced the Big Event Unity March on September 21 which will be followed by a celebration.

Elius Reed inquired about how much longer the City would be remitting payments for the Saluki Way construction plan.

Jerrold Hennrich commented on the wastefulness of the metal detectors and police overtime; he suggested instituting a moratorium on hiring outside of Carbondale.

Miriam Van Zant asked the City Council to pass an Ordinance to prohibit mosquito spraying until after midnight, identify who is in charge of the Mosquito Abatement District, and to put pressure on the Mosquito Abatement District.

Lane Ellingsworth agreed with Ms. Van Zant's comments and offered additional suggestions.

Procedural: 5.3 Council Comments, General Announcements, and Proclamations Councilman Fronabarger commended Prairie Farms for a recent first place award at the World

Dairy Expo.

Councilwoman Bradshaw announced an upcoming event about Mother Jones at the University Museum on Friday; advised citizens to review the goals in Vision 2020 which is to be considered later in the agenda; recommended that an audience member consider merging a care worker program with the map your neighborhood program; and recommended a resource to be involved in a participatory budget process.

Councilman Doherty noted that the Mosquito Abatement District is a separate unit of government, provided their contact information, and responded to Mr. Henson’s update from Citizens Comments.

Councilman Loos thanked Marion for their action on cannabis dispensaries, responded to the presentation from Carbondale Spring members, and suggested that those interested in local government consolidation stick around for a later discussion item.

Procedural: 5.4 Proclamation for National Rail Safety Week

Mayor Henry declined to read the full proclamation in deference to the individual who was recently struck by a train. He proclaimed the week of September 22-28, 2019, as National Rail Safety Week in the City of Carbondale.

6. Public Hearings and Special Reports

7. Consent Agenda of the City Council

Action (Consent): 7.1 Approval of Minutes from the Regular City Council Meeting of August 27, 2019 Resolution: Approve the Minutes from the City Council Meeting of August 27, 2019

Action (Consent): 7.2 Approval of Warrant for the Period Ending: 08/23/2019 for the FY 2020 Warrant 1362 in the Total Amount of $921,579.63 Resolution: Accept the following report of payments made for the period ended: 08/23/2019 totaling $921,579.63 (Exhibit A-09- 10-2019)

Action (Consent): 7.3 Approval of Wells Fargo Warrant for the Period Ending 07/31/2019 FY 2020 Warrant # WF 07/2019 in the amount of $158,062.06

Resolution: Accept the following report of payments made for the period ended: 07/31/2019 totaling $158,062.06 (Exhibit B-09-10-2019)

Action (Consent): 7.4 Adoption of the 2020 Calendar of City Council Meetings Resolution: Adopt the 2020 Calendar of City Council Meetings

Action (Consent): 7.5 Resolution Permitting the Public Possession and Consumption of Alcohol in a Defined Area During Specific Hours for the 2019 Carbondale Homecoming on October 19, 2019 Resolution: Adopt a Resolution Suspending the Enforcement of the Prohibition of Public Possession and Consumption of Alcohol between the hours of 11:00 a.m. through 2:00 a.m. on October 19, 2019, within the designated area in the Carbondale Downtown (Resolution 2019-R-50; Exhibit C-09-10-2019)

Action (Consent): 7.6 Ordinance Amending Title Two of the Carbondale Revised Code as it Relates to Residency Requirements and Authorized Contact Information for Liquor License Holders Resolution: Adopt an Ordinance Amending Title Two of the Code by Eliminating the Residency Requirement and Establishing a Requirement for Authorized Contacts for Liquor License Holders (Ordinance 2019-27; Exhibit D-09-10-2019)

Action (Consent): 7.7 Acceptance of a Quit Claim Deed for Area Dedicated to the City from Southern Illinois Hospital Services for Sidewalk Improvements and Authorize the City Clerk to Record Deed in the County Clerk's Office

Resolution: Accept the Quit Claim Deed which Dedicates Area to the City of Carbondale for Sidewalk Improvements at the Corner of University Avenue and Oak Street and Authorize the City Clerk to have the Deed Recorded in the County Clerk’s Office

Action (Consent): 7.8 Accept Staff's Recommendation for FY 2024 SIMPO Funding Request Resolution: Accept Staff's Recommendation for FY 2024 SIMPO Funding Request

Action: 7.9 Ordinance Amending Title Five Chapter Five of the Carbondale Revised Code as it Relates to Raffles

Pulled by L. Fronabarger

Action (Consent): 7.10 Approval of Consent Agenda Items

Resolution: Approve all Consent Agenda items not pulled for separate consideration

MOTION: Approve all Consent Agenda items not pulled for separate consideration

Motion by Jeff Doherty, second by Lee Fronabarger.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yea: Tom Grant, Carolin Harvey, Adam Loos, Jessica Bradshaw, Jeff Doherty, Lee Fronabarger, John M Henry

Action: 7.9 Ordinance Amending Title Five Chapter Five of the Carbondale Revised Code as it Relates to Raffles

There was discussion about contacting State representative regarding the length of time a non- profit must be in existence prior to being eligible for a raffle permit, questions regarding the preemption of home rule authority, and concern about the cap on prizes as it relates to Queen of Hearts raffles.

MOTION: Approve an Ordinance Amending Title Five, Chapter Five, Section 21 of the Carbondale Revised Code Relating to Raffles

Motion by Adam Loos, second by Carolin Harvey.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yea: Carolin Harvey, Adam Loos, Jessica Bradshaw, Jeff Doherty, Lee Fronabarger, John M Henry

Nay: Tom Grant (Ordinance 2019-28; Exhibit E-09-10-2019)

8. General Business of the City Council

Discussion: 8.1 Discussion of Potential Changes to the Vacation Rental Unit Ordinance

Council questions and remarks: It was noted that the conversation at the Retreat centered around whether to allow VRUs when the property owner does not live on site; several Councilmembers were in favor of limiting any changes to the VRUs to specific zoning; suggestions for appropriate zoning included commercial districts, R-3, or other zones; requiring a Special Use for a VRU; only allowing VRUs in an R-1 zone if the owner is on-site; a suggestion not to make any changes at this time; concern about protecting R-1 zones; questions about the current requirements for VRUs; issues that some cities have faced due to VRUs; a thought that expansion of VRUs might prevent some buildings from being sold. Ultimately, it was recommended that Staff put together alternatives from which the City Council could select an appropriate option(s).

Jane Adams encouraged the City Council to make no changes, expressed her concern about unsupervised guests, commented on the quality of life concerns for individuals in other zoning districts, and suggested expansion in primary business districts where there are no residents.

Sandy Litecky rejected the idea that VRUs are self-policing, noted that issues arise even for five- star rated locations and renters, and urged consideration of the PAR districts which are intended to provide a buffer zone.

Charlie Howe remarked that there were many families who resided in the downtown during the 1950s and noted environmental impacts of residing in the downtown.

Dawn Roberts expressed support for a landlord-tenant agreement and noted the importance of enforcement.

Action: 8.2 Adopt Vision 2020 - City Council Goals

There was a consensus to change the title of the City Council Goals from Vision 2020 to Vision 2025. Additionally, the Council remarked on the importance of remaining flexible and making changes to goals as needed.

An unidentified speaker asked that the goals which align with Carbondale Spring be identified; the City Manager read the vision statement and seven goals.

Jane Adams noted her gratitude for focus being placed on the residents.

Charlie Howe commented on the Sustainability plan of Santa Monica and agreed that the goals are not set in stone.

Miriam Van Zant asked if the goals were taking into consideration the hospitals plans, particularly in relation to the residential neighborhood.

MOTION: Adopt Vision 2025 City Council Goals

Motion by Jeff Doherty, second by Tom Grant.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yea: Tom Grant, Carolin Harvey, Adam Loos, Jessica Bradshaw, Jeff Doherty, Lee Fronabarger, John M Henry

Discussion: 8.3 City Council Discussion to Establish Priorities for Future Carbondale Park District Meetings Regarding Expiration of Leases at City-Owned Properties and the Exploration of Merging Operations

Mayor Henry suggested meetings should continue in public; noted the last meeting went well; recommended adding to Councilman Doherty’s list details about what kind of programming they are going to do and how much; and requested that CPKD be used instead of CPD.

Councilman Doherty read a list, provided for the record, of items needed from the Carbondale Park District in order to perform the analysis and arrive at the answer regarding the proposed merger and directed the City Manager to forward the request to the Carbondale Park

District. He noted that this information should be readily available and that the City would be able to locate similar records quickly.

Councilman Loos suggested adding full financial details about the Hickory Lodge park bond and refinancing, a map of their taxing boundary/district, agreed with the need for public meetings, providing regular updates as to what has been provided, and concurred with Mr. Monty's comments regarding the various boundaries. He noted that under FOIA, these documents would have to be provided in 5 to 10 business days.

Councilman Fronabarger asked City Staff to review the structure, programs, and staffing of other governments which have Parks as part of the City operations, to compile a list of what funding the City provides for recreational programs, identifying the number of users both in and out of district, remarked on the need for thorough and complete information, and noted the arboretum is outside of city limits.

Councilwoman Harvey suggested amending Councilman Doherty’s list regarding the budgets, audits, etc. that five years’ worth of those documents be provided and to allow for an appropriate amount of time before we start getting updates.

Councilwoman Bradshaw revisited her suggestion to utilize a website to provide progress updates with details for the public, suggested utilizing either BoardDocs or the City's website, including an overlay of the City’s boundary with the map provided by the Park District, inclusion of an inventory of green spaces, and provide details about the ownership of the Superblock.

Councilman Grant concurred with Councilman Doherty’s list, noted that he had forwarded an addition regarding heavy equipment to the City Manager, agreed with Councilwoman Harvey's recommendation to extend the documentation requests to 5 years, concurred with Councilman Loos’ recommendation for a taxing map, and noted that SIU forestry tagged and provided QR codes on the SIU campus.

Jane Adams suggested the City provide an inventory of the public lands that the City administers and the cost of the maintenance and programming.

Miriam Van Zant indicated that she would like to see Carbondale growing elm seeds and suggested identifying an appropriate site for a conservation botanical garden.

Don Monty recommended looking at documents when park district was created for information relating to boundaries; suggested that the county would have a map for each taxing body; stated that the citizens need to know what the statutory provisions are; and to consider what issues the arboretum has.

The City Attorney provided an update on the leases.

9. Executive Session

10. Adjournment of the City Council Meeting Procedural: 10.1 Adjourn meeting

There being no further business to come before the public body, the meeting was declared adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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